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Motor Vehicle Windscreen Insurance Claims

What is Motor Vehicle Insurance?

SPEEDY AUTOGLASS suggest that you select the OPTION to have Glass cover or Windscreen Cover selected on your Policy.

If you renew your policy, change motor vehicle insurer, change registration or simply take out a new premium always ask about Glass cover options.

Often this may be an additional cost to your premium however if your windscreen or glass is broken in your vehicle and you are insured, you can easily lodge a claim and be reimbursed for the repairs or may get a FREE windscreen. If you are a victim of vandalism or your Motor Vehicle is broken into you can claim on your glass policy or alternatively if you simply sustain damage to the windscreen from a rock and the glass cracks you may be entitled to a FREE repair or glass replacement.

Making a glass claim does not affect your no claim bonus and therefore you maintain your Rating 1, however refer to your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or your Insurer for clarification as each policy in individual and may vary.

Can I choose my own repairer?

Often an Insurer will have a preferred repairer for their glass claims and SPEEDY Autoglass may be one of the select Preferred repairers in this region.
However if they are not listed, it is your “Consumer Right” to choose who works on your Motor Vehicle.

Choosing your own repairer can have many advantages –

You select who works on your motor vehicle

You don’t have to wait to be scheduled you can get it repaired immediately

You can choose if you want SPEEDY to come to you at home or if you want to come to our workshop in Helensvale.

Speedy Autoglass provide a Lifetime Guarantee on Glass repairs and Replacements

Often Speedy Autoglass may be one of the preferred repairers

Sometimes the insurer may ask you to pay for the repairs and in this case we can lodge the claim electronically for you, so you will be reimbursed as quick as possible.

For further details on consumer rights and exclusive dealings please refer below:



How do I lodge a Windscreen Claim using Speedy Autoglass?

Simply follow the below steps and if approved by your insurer we aim to get you repaired same day.

  1. Make a Booking with SPEEDY Autoglass to have your vehicle inspected and repaired – Call 1800 138 007
  2. Lodge a Claim with your insurer by calling the Claims hotline and SELECT Speedy as your preferred repairer.
  3. SPEEDY Autoglass will then replace your windscreen – providing a Lifetime Guarantee on Workmanship
  4. If you have to pay an EXCESS, pay this to SPEEDY Autoglass and we send the Tax Invoice to the insurer electronically, deducting the excess.

Alternatively you can always pay for the repairs up-front direct to SPEEDY Autoglass and we email the insurer your receipt and they reimburse you once the claim is finalized.

If you have any questions or concerns please call SPEEDY on 1800 138 007 anytime.