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Speedy Windscreen Recycling

The facts are simple – Windscreens and glass in general do not perish easily, it may take years for this product to decompose, If ever!!!


Every year hundreds  of windscreens end up in Landfill.



At SPEEDY Autoglass we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

 We offer Stone Chip and Crack repairs to Reduce glass Replacement.

If required, we can reuse your glass, reinstall and reseal.

But most importantly at Speedy Autoglass; “All windscreens and Motor vehicle glass is Recycled”.


Glass is collected from our Depot and sent to be be crushed to produce a wide range of recycled products.

 Speedy Autoglass are one of the first windscreen companies to partake in recycling in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

By recycling your old windscreen this reduces landfill, helps support local manufacturing and saves the environment.


Think about it “when you next have a beer you could be drinking from your old windscreen”


How is my windscreen recycled?


Windscreen glass is High impact Laminate glass designed specifically for the automotive industry and is made up of 3 layers.

1. Glass Layer                2. PVB (Plastic) Layer               3. Glass layer



Laminate glass is designed to support the Motor Vehicle in the event of an accident and is used to support the Airbags.

This makes recycling laminate glass different from recycling ordinary glass.


The windscreen is collected from SPEEDY Autoglass, and crushed or shredded in a “Wacker” machine.

The PVB plastic is then separated from the Glass in a Salt flotation tank.



The Glass is then sifted into Course, semi-course and fine grades and used to manufacture new items, like brown beer bottles,

glass pool surfacing, Bitumen and Glass bench tops.

The PVB Plastic ‘cullet’ is used by carpet manufactures.


To help maintain our environment, next time you need your windscreen replaced make sure to use SPEEDY Autoglass.